Substituting the traditional reinforcement in concrete pipes by using structural fibres

Design guidelines for FRC pipes

The main advantages related to the use of structural fibres as main reinforcement in concrete pipes is of widespread knowledge. However, in spite of the numerous experimental campaigns carried out, their use has not been properly consolidated. Among those reasons, the most important one is the lack of a systematic method for its design. In this respect, the type and the amount of fibres for each internal diameter (Di) and required strength class has been traditionally determined by means of the crushing test. This is a reliable method, but not efficient from an economic point of view when it is used indirectly with designing purposes, since there exist several Di, thicknesses (h) and strength classes. The aim of this work consists of introducing the Model for the Analysis of Pipes (MAP). Likewise, design tables are provided for dif- ferent Di and two types of fibres (steel and plastic fibres) as reference for engineers.

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