Ultra-modern circulation plant for the production of precast concrete elements in China

EBAWE Anlagentechnik GmbH, 04838 Eilenburg, Germany

In the last few years the topic of industrialisation in residential construction has gained strongly in importance in the People's Republic of China. 45 locations for industrialised residential construction, so-called ‘National Residential Industrialization Bases’ sponsored by the Ministry of Residential Construction, will be created in future in the country of 1.35 billion inhabitants. The city of Shenyang in the northeast of China is part of this sponsorship programme and thus a special case, since 42 of the 45 sponsored locations are companies. The city of Shenyang has 8.3 million inhabitants and has been shaped exclusively by industry for 80 years. Due to the climatic conditions in Shenyang – the temperature can fall below -30 °C in winter – as well as increasing awareness of the need for environmental protection, the technol- ogy of the precast concrete construction method is particularly suitable for this city and is to be driven forward.

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