Concrete connection technology proves its capability in the construction of the world’s most...

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... modern log flume The quality of building technologies depends to a high degree on the variability of use of a solution. Only if a technology is able to offer trail- blazing solutions, from the simplest concrete construction to complex architectural structures, can it lead to advantages in use in the oper- ative business and thus to increased efficiency and better results. The connection of precast concrete elements, for example, is one such field of application in which every degree of difficulty in building constructions has to be covered. In the field of prefabricated residential and social buildings, the customers’ increased design consciousness demands increasingly outlandish shapes. In industrial construction, require- ments for safety and sustainability take their toll. The variety of challenges and requirements facing modern connection technology today are already recognisable here. In parallel to this development it must be taken into account that the use of precast concrete elements – with the goal of completing building projects quickly and inexpensively as far as possible – is constantly increasing.

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