Aging plant offers an innovative, reliable quality control system with its fully automatic handling…

Penta Automazioni Industriali srl, 40062 Molinella (Bologna), Italy

… and packaging system Hessit Works Inc. has enjoyed a reputation for producing top quality paving stones in the Midwest US since 1988. To consolidate its position as a market leader and the keep pace with customer demands, the company has recently added a modern aging system from Penta. Hessit Works Inc. chose Penta Automazioni to supply their need for a fully automatic handling system, to repackage their aged product offerings and to enhance quality control operations. Penta’s challenge was to build an automatic plant with production up to 190 m²/ h or 2040 Ft2/h, able to handle multi-size pavers and to perform reliable quality control.

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Penta Automazioni Industriali srl Via Aldo Moro, 32 40062 Molinella (Bologna), Italy T +39 051 880550 F +39 051 881386 Hessit Works Inc. Manufacturer of Concrete Paving Stones 4181 South US Hwy 231 Freedom, IN 47431, USA T +1 812 8296246 F +1 812 8293974


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