Infill wall options for precast concrete frame stability

The vertical stability of precast concrete framed structures

This paper summarises some of the options for the vertical stability of multi-storey precast concrete framed structures up to about 15 storeys in height. Cast insitu cores may, and have been used to stabilise precast skeletal frames up to 40 storeys. The frames are subjected to hor- izontal actions from wind pressure and sway forces from imperfections, summarised here according to the requirements in the Eurocodes. The options for braced frames include vertical cantilever precast walls or cores, deep cantilever columns, and diagonal cross bracing in pre- cast concrete or steelwork. However, one of the most popular and efficient methods is the so-called ‘infill’ wall – a 2-d precast concrete or masonry wall panel built in to the pinned jointed precast frame. This paper presents the design methods according to the Eurocodes togeth- er with the application of a bespoke research projects on infill frames. Design examples are given for the two types of infill wall.

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