Fully automatic concrete products machine for Dynamic Building Concepts Pvt Ltd., India

Prensoland SA, 08592 Sant Martí de Centelles, Barcelona, Spain

Prensoland S.A. , is an European equipment supplier based in Barcelona with more than 55 years of experience in manufacturing machinery for producing Precast Concrete products. Prensoland manufactures two types of machinery, Compacta and Tensyland. Tensyland machines can manufacture all possible prestressed concrete products like solid and hollow core slabs, beams, insulated slabs, filigree slabs, wall panels etc. The Compacta machines can manufacture concrete products like hollow / solid concrete blocks, interlocking pavers, kerbstones, insulated blocks, façade blocks, retaining wall blocks, concrete tiles, fly ash bricks etc.

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Prensoland SA C/ Indústria, 5-9 08592 Sant Martí de Centelles, Barcelona, Spain T +34 93844 0125 F +34 93844 1011 contact@prensoland.com www.prensoland.com


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