Fully automatic plant for the production of breakwaters on the island of La Réunion

APS – Advanced Precast Systems, 37550 St. Avertin, France

Normally a dyke consists of an embankment covered by a protective armouring of large concrete blocks (or breakwaters) in order to resist the force of the waves. Up until 2014 the manufacture of these blocks still required a great deal of work, space and time. Today they can be manufactured using a method that has already proven itself with tubbings. A fully automatic plant manufactured and installed on an area of over 2,700 m² by APS (Advanced Precast Systems) can supply 38,500 concrete blocks for breakwaters for a large-scale project.

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APS – Advanced Precast Systems 17, rue Frédéric Joliot Curie, 37550 St. Avertin, France T +33 247 375364, F +33 247 375318 aps@cbegroup.fr, www.aps.cbegroup.fr


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