A new kind of BIM storage

Tekla Corporation HQ, 02130 Espoo, Finland

“Structural engineers and detailers who work on construction projects may use components, materials and parts from 50 companies, and normally to get a model part, they must visit each company’s webpage. In Tekla Warehouse, we can publish all components in one place where our customers will conveniently find what they need, and these components stay updated since we have control over them,” says Richard Morsink, Managing Director of Halfen b.v., a construction product manufacturing company with offering in Tekla Warehouse.

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Tekla Corporation HQ Metsänpojankuja 1 02130 Espoo, Finland T +358 30 66110 F +358 30 6611500 info@tekla.com www.tekla.com warehouse.tekla.com Halfen b.v. Oostermaat 3 7623 CS Borne, The Netherlands T +31 74 2671449 F +31 74 2672659 info@halfen.nl www.halfen.com


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