Fully automatic dosing and filling system set up in South Korea

Quadra, 74130 Contamine-sur-Arve, France

Founded in 1971, the Ino block company, currently headed by Mr Han and based in Hwaseong in South Korea, is now acknowledged as a leading manufacturer of landscaping materials in this area. Specialized in the manufacturing of pavers and all other kinds of landscaping products such as slabs, retaining walls, kerbstones, etc., Ino block supports the development and the reconfiguration of the urban design in Korea by continuously manufacturing new products. As a licensee of products such as Nikko from Japan, Godelmann from Germany and Anchor and Rosetta from the United States, Ino block takes advantages of strong partnerships which enable it to manufacture products that are designed worldwide. This manufacturer aims at sustaining its leading position through the quality, advanced design and large diversity of its products. Thanks to the implementation of the INO CAD program, Ino block is able to design customized products and offers more than 2000 different products in 300 different colours. Last but not least, this manufacturer is an avid user of equipment of the latest generation, including state-of-the-art manufacturing solutions. Ino block placed an order with the equipment manufacturer Quadra, which is well known for supplying tailor-made automation solutions. Ino block's investment was based on a fully automatic filling system, designed for manufacturing the Rosetta product range and similar products with a view to improving productivity while maintaining and enhancing high product quality.

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