Markučiai: Committed to Lean Methodology and BIM

Trimble Solutions Corporation, Espoo, 02131, Finland

Markučiai is one of the largest manufacturers of prefabricated reinforced concrete products in Lithuania. They provide also related consult- ing, design, production, logistics and installation services. Celebrating their 60th birthday in 2015, Markučiai has customers across Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Markučiai and the design and detailing company Concretus Designers, one of the largest structural engi- neering companies in Lithuania, are parts of Concretus grupé, a consortium of nine companies conducting manufacturing, construction and landscaping business in the Baltic region. The company has expertise in value engineering, and they are able to advise customers on choos- ing a rational building structure solution and provide all the required information and services, starting from building’s concept ending with its final implementation.

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JSC "MARKUČIAI" Žarijų str. 6 02300 Vilnius, Lithuania T +370 700 80000 F +370 700 80001 UAB “Concretus Designers” Zariju st. 6 02300, Vilnius, Lithuania Trimble Solutions Corporation P.O. Box 1, Metsänpojankuja Espoo, 02131, Finland T +358 30 66110 F +358 30 6611500


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