BIBM Congress connecting the International Precast Concrete Industry

BIBM The European Federation for Precast Concrete, 1040 Brussels, Belgium

Every three years, the international precast concrete industry meets during BIBM Congresses that are organized since 1954 every three years in different locations. BIBM Congresses are different than other precast concrete events. While most events are focused on production, marketing, strategical or political topics, BIBM Congresses offer always an excellent combination of all of these topics. Furthermore, the variety of renown international speakers gives one more reason to have this event on the agenda for everyone dealing with precast concrete in one or the other way.

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BIBM The European Federation for Precast Concrete rue d’Arlon, 55 1040 Brussels, Belgium T +32 2 340 1828 F +32 2 588 0649 CPI Concrete Plant International (ad-media GmbH) Industriestr. 180 50999 Cologne, Germany T +49 2236 962390 F +49 2236 962396


06.08.2024 - 08.08.2024
14.08.2024 - 16.08.2024
21.08.2024 - 24.08.2024