Also new for DN 2000 and DN 2500: statically determined load transfer system for manhole structures

Wagener & Polascheck Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, 33818 Leopoldshöhe, Germany

From the cone to the manhole bottom – IDLA click 3punktplus guarantees secure load transmission. To this end, three, six, or nine IDLA click elements are vibrated into the outer contact areas of the manhole elements in the factory. The result is a manhole system for high demands with ‘integrated seal and load transfer’ in the socket (Integrierter Dichtung und Lastübertragung – IDLA) in accordance with the 3punktplus system. The IDLA click load transmission elements can withstand wheel loads of standard HGVs up to 60 tonnes according to DIN 1072 with the requisite margin of safety.

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