New prospects for slender concrete products

High-performance concrete – shaping appropriate for the material for sustainable construction

In the past years, great efforts have been made to continue the development of concretes into ultra-high performance building materials through targeted research into concrete recipes. The normative regulation for concretes with compressive strength classes up to C 250/265 has already been published in France. A pan-European normative formulation on this subject is expected is the near future. The new-type, fine-grained building materials initially aroused the interest of planners and architects, who explored the design possibilities of the material. Moreover, ultra-high performance concretes offer an enormous potential for sustainable construction. The high strengths make slender constructions possible, which in turn enable a reduction in CO2 emissions due to the saving of material. In particular in the case of the mass use of products from the concrete industry, considerable positive effects for climate protection can be achieved in this way.

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