2nd Seminar – PCT Brazil (Precast Concrete Technology)

CSG Engineering S.r.l, 29017 Fiorenzuola D'Arda (PC), Italy

The 2nd edition of PCT Brasil was held on November 1 at the University Park UNIDAVI Rio do Sul / SC, and has been an interesting opportunity or all the participants. About 200 people attended the event. All of them were coming from the precast concrete industry: precast concrete manufacturers, professionals, universities. This meeting, sponsored by CSG Engineering Italy and by the UNIDAVI University, had the goal to give the participants an overview of the status and the characteristics of the precast concrete technology in Brazil through the participation of some of the largest precast companies in the country that have presented their significant projects. In addition to that, Maurizio Frasani from CSG Engineering presented some precast concrete typologies from Europe.

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