Self-healing concrete by means of microfibres and superabsorbent polymers

Concrete which repairs itself leads to less overall costs

Concrete cracking is in some cases inevitable. Autogenous healing may prove to be useful to limit repair works caused by concrete cracking. Further cement hydration, pozzolanic activity by fly ash and calcium carbonate crystallization will hereby heal the cracks if crack widths are limited, and if sufficient building blocks and water are present. Synthetic microfibres may be used to limit the crack width, leading to strain-hardening cementitious materials. The water can be provided by the use of superabsorbent polymers, which are extracting moisture from the environment. This moisture can be used to promote and stimulate autogenous healing and may lead to a complete regain in mechanical properties. The smart cementitious material with superabsorbent polymers may thus be an excellent material to use in future building applications.

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