Tilting tables and a wall battery mould for the production of low cost individual houses

Construx b.v.b.a., 8531 Hulste, Belgium

Since several years, the company Hoger Sp. Z.o.o. has been operating as an active player on the Polish construction market, as a supplier of building materials and precast concrete elements. Due to the increase in demand for low cost housing, they decided to focus on the development of basic but aesthetic and environmental friendly houses. By using state of the art precast and insulation techniques, they manage to offer houses with surfaces of 99m² to the lower market segment at the very competitive price of € 65.000,- (land not included).

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Hoger Sp. z. o. o. ul. Strzelców Bytomskich 100 41-922 Radzionków, Poland biuro@hogerdom.pl www.hogerdom.pl Construx b.v.b.a. Hazebeekstraat 11 8531 Hulste, Belgium T +32 89 328855 F +32 89 328866 info@construx.be www.construx.be


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