Comprehensive management of the flow in batching & mixing plants: automated recovery, treatment …

Hydrostop, 49280 St Léger-sous-Cholet, France

… and recycling of the waste materials and waste water distribution industry. Founded in 1921, Chausson Matériaux is a family-owned company currently managed by Pierre George Chausson and Philippe Chausson, the founder’s grandsons. As a dynamic company, Chausson Matériaux displays outstanding growth and development and has 13 ready-mix concrete batching plants with an annual production of 240,000 m3 concrete. As part of the construction of a new production site based in Villeneuve Tolosane in France, Chausson Matériaux has entrusted Hydrostop with the complete management of the flow from the batching plant. As Chausson Matériaux is committed to preserving and using natural resources responsibly, it was of great importance to provide this new plant with the latest process to ensure minimum scrap.

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Chausson Materiaux Centre commercial Hexagone 60 rue de Fenouillet, BP 35140, 31142 ST ALBAN CEDEX, France T +33 561373737, F +33 56170008 Hydrostop Z.I. Des Grands Bois, BP 35, 49280 St Léger-sous-Cholet, France T +33 24156 8293, F +33 24156 9292, Quadra 40, route de Findrol, 74130 Contamine-sur-Arve, France T +33 45003 9221, F +33 45003 6997,


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