Self-compacting fibre concrete

Substantial development

Self-compacting fibre concrete offers interesting chances for design. The self-compacting character makes mechanical compaction, which causes nuisance by noise and dust, superfluous. Moreover at least a part of the reinforcement can be omitted, since it’s role is taken over by the steel fibres in the mixture. Research demonstrated that there is an interaction between particle packing and the geometry and volume of the fibres. Self-compacting properties are obtained if the fibre geometry, the fibre volume and the ratio between fine and and coarse aggregates satisfy a number of interactive limits. Fibre reinforced concrete with self-compacting properties can be made with compressive strengths from about 60 MPa. Pilot test were carried out on prestressed sheet piles and tunnel lining elements. In both cases it was observed that the way of casting the concrete influences the fibre orientation. This should not be seen as a weakness, but rather as a challenge to take profit of this aiming at optimizing the properties of the precast elements.

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