Innovative connecting systemfor sandwich elements

Chryso, 92446 Issy les Moulineaux Cedex, France

In the region of Lombardy, North Italy, half way between Milan and Brescia, is to be found the town of Bergamo. There, in sight of the Alp foothills, two brothers head up Isocell Precompressi Spa, a company that was founded in 2006. In that same year, these brothers, Franco and Giuseppe Losciuto, who have been active in this field of business for more than 25 years, bought out an existing precast concrete component production facility, took over some of the experienced employees and commenced operations. Isocell has in the meantime been built up to one of the leading manufacturers of precast in the region. Besides precast for hall and industrial constructions, Isocell also has sandwich elements with high standards of thermal insulation on offer. All precast components are monitored by means of a quality control system corresponding to UNI EN ISO 9000: 2008. Their delivery area covers a radius of approximately 200 km. The company manufactures 600 m² sandwich elements, amongst other things, with its production volume of approximately 350 m³ concrete per day. Another production facility with an investment of approximately € 6 million is currently being erected directly adjacent to the existing factory premises. Isocell uses a special System from Chryso, called Chryso Flexo®, to connect the load bearing layer and the facing shell of a Sandwich Panel. Chryso, whose formation as a company goes back to 1942, has for many years been one of the market leaders in the development and manufacture of chemical admixtures and additives for the concrete industry. Their product portfolio mainly comprises products for cement, concrete and mortar manufacturers. Chryso is part of the Materis group and employs over 900 people. The company is present in 70 countries.

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