Singapore precast company ride on Italian efficient and flexible concrete distribution and casting …

MCT Italy S.r.l., 06084 Bettona, Italy

… systems for growth Southeast Asia has some of the highest level of adoption for Precast Concrete technology outside Europe. It also has some of the most advanced precast manufacturing plants in the regions. Countries like Singapore, backed by strong government initiatives, have been proactive in advocating and incorporating Prefabrication technology in their building and construction of their public and private housing projects. In line with the government’s objective to ramp up productivity, efficiency and to achieve shorter construction cycle. The building industry in Singapore is evolving and entered into a new chapter with the recent successful completion of several projects using modular construction techniques.

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POH CHEONG Concrete Product Pte Ltd No. 48 Sungei Kadut Street 1, Singapore 729377 MCT Italy S.r.l. Via Perugia 105 06084 Bettona, Italy,


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