Japan-made moulds for precast concrete are being produced in India today

Toyota Kohki Co., Ltd., Tokio, 183-0035 Japan

“Since I was little, I’ve liked looking at the world map. One day many years ago, a name of a city in western India rose up to my eyes-Ahmedabad. The sound of this name rang in my ears, and somehow it has remained in my heart”. These are the words of the CEO of Toyota Kohki Co., Ltd (hereinafter called ‘Toyota Forms’), Mr. Minoru Toyoda. 40 years after finding the name Ahmedabad on the world map, fate guided him to start a business in this very same land.

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Toyota Kohki Co., Ltd. 6-12-8 Yotsuya Fuchu-shi, Tokio, 183-0035 Japan T +81 42 3666011, F +81 42 3642530 info@toyotaforms.com, www.toyotaforms.com