Betoniluoma Oy from Finland invests in French surface treatment technology

Thibaut SA, 14508 Vire Cedex, France

In the past years, Betoniluoma Oy from Finland has been continuously expanding its operations and has increased the output figures of its sites. The first polishing machine of the enterprise was installed in 1999. Currently, Betoniluoma is focusing on wall production, especially facade elements for various types of buildings. The expertise of the company rests with sophisticated concrete structures and special concrete surfaces. The first Thibaut T558 machine that the company purchased was installed at its Betoniluoma location in 2009. Subsequently, this machine proved its usefulness as a high-quality, high-capacity and extremely versatile system. As a consequence, Thibaut developed for Betoniluoma Oy into a reliable and trustworthy partner, and in 2016, Betoniluoma Oy decided to acquire a smaller T500 and a new T558 in 2018.

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Betoniluoma OY Horontie 176, 64700 Teuva, Finland, Thibaut SA Avenue Bischwiller, 14 508 Vire Cedex, France T +33 231 666 803, F +33 231 677 528,


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