Sensitivity to scratching and premature action of water

Damage to products with coated surfaces – part 2

In the first part of this series of articles, the influence of the use of surface coatings on the visual appearance of concrete products was discussed. Attention was drawn to the necessity to distinguish between the respective coating systems (organic or inorganic), the application method, the place of application and the quantity and thickness of the application. Furthermore, it was stated that greater attention must be paid to the selection of suitable cleaning agents for surface-coated products. The use of unsuitable cleaning agents can lead to changes in the visual appearance of the products. In a further section, this article concerned itself with the question of the degree of cleanability that coated products should exhibit and how the timing of the cleaning affects the cleanability of the products. The second part of this series of articles primarily reports on the surveyor's assessment of the sensitivity to scratching of products with coated surfaces as well as on changes in the colour of these products on account of the premature action of water.

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