Specification of eco-efficient concrete for precast components

Part 2: Durability Performance

Eco-efficient concrete for precast components can be designed with reduced Portland cement content according to the micro-filler / “eco-filler” concept described in Part 1 of this paper. This type of concrete has fewer impacts on the environment, plus good processability and great early strength in comparison with traditional concrete for precast components. This second part of this paper will now deal with the stability and durability of “eco-efficient” concretes when compared with reference concretes according to descriptive standard. Using the example of precast component concrete for structural outdoor construction components, it will be demonstrated how the stability for exposure classes stipulated according to standard can be verified in line with the equivalent concrete performance concept (ECPC). In an extensive test programme, investigations were made into porosity, water penetration depth, carbonation rate, chloride diffusion coefficient and frost resistance as well as the pH value of the pore solution as indicator of the reinforcement’s resistance to corrosion. Parameters for “eco-efficiency” concerning precast component applications will also be stated.

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