A new alternative for transfer of compressive stresses in precast concrete connections

Modified Mortar Cushion

This paper presents a new type of cushion made with cementbase material, the Modified Mortar Cushion (MMC). This material is a cement mortar containing latex, short fibres and lightweight aggregates. The ingredients aim to reduce the modulus of elasticity and provide high tenacity. The idea of MMC was based on lead sheets used times ago as bearing pads for steel beams. This type of cushion can be used in beams and slabs supports. Typically, the bearing pads are made of elastomer, which is a highly deformable material. The MMCs are more rigid than the elastomeric cushions and practically they do not allow horizontal displacements. Thus, the use of the MMCs requires a more careful analysis of the effect of the length variations on the structure. On the other hand, the use of MMC results in more rigid connections and, therefore, less deformable structures, in comparison with elastomer pads. In the connections subjected predominantly to compression, like column-to-column, with relatively high compression stresses, the MMC would be an alternative for layer of grout or concrete filling.

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