Higher efficiency and better location of digitised load carriers

Sigfox Germany GmbH, 85630 Grasbrunn (Munich), Germany

As part of a strategic project, Sigfox and SVA have digitised the load carriers for precast concrete elements at Weber Betonwerk GmbH, a leading German manufacturer of structural precast elements for building construction. Hundreds of racks are now being tracked day and night via the Sigfox 0G network; their geopositions are precisely determined and transports thus detected. The main aim is to increase customer satisfaction through the provision for the first time of real-time information on the status of deliveries and expected arrival. In addition, Weber Betonwerk GmbH saves time, since it is now no longer necessary to search for empty load carriers on construction sites. Thanks to the increased transparency about the whereabouts of the load carriers, the turnover rate also increases and the theft of load carriers is prevented.

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