Modernisation of a production line: improving the present to prepare a better future

Quadra, 74130 Contamine-sur-Arve, France

LIB Industries is a family-owned business, established in the 1950s near the Pont du Gard, where the first factory was built. The Lib Group employs 151 people. With six indus- trial sites in France, the LIB Group has developed a wide range of concrete products and solutions for the construction industry (individual and collective buildings, outdoor installations, public works and civil engineering): concrete blocks, fences and ornamental products, caps and coping stones, paving stones and slabs, Curbs and gutter.

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Lib Industries La Bégude de Vers 30210 Remoulins, France Quadra 40, route de Findrol 74130 Contamine-sur-Arve, France T +33 450339221


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