Precondition for value-adding processes for concrete products

SR Schindler, 93057 Regensburg, Germany

Value-adding, no matter for green or cured products, in general makes sense only with double layer products or products consisting only of facemix. Double layer products consist of backmix made of cheap material like sand, cement, water and stone of minor quality and facemix made of superior material like white or grey cement, water and aggregates (natural stone) like granite, quarz, basalte, marble etc. The backmix layer serves only as carrier for the facemix layer. By value-adding processes these aggregates get exposed and treated that the beauty of natural stone becomes visible and the surface feel soft and more comfortable. Apart from the appearance of value added products, the treatment by shotblasting also cares for anti-slip- pery surface and protects the product surfaces by coating from environmental impacts like contamination by jawing gums etc..

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