New Double Tee Flange-to-Flange ConnectorReduces Welding by 50% and Eliminates TensionLoad Crack

Meadow Burke, Tampa, FL 33619, USA

Precast parking structures have long been the choice of designers and owners demanding high quality and low maintenance construction, delivered for use in the shortest possible time. Now with the use of this new and very innovative connection device, precast structures are able to deliver even lower maintenance costs. The MB Erector Connector™ (patent pending) is a shear connection device designed specifically to eliminate all tension cracking. Use the Erector Connector as a shear connection device between concrete elements, including double tee flanges, floor slabs, stair landings, wall panels and similar type precast or cast-in-place elements. The MB Erector Connector outperforms other shear connectors, by eliminating crack development during initial welding, movement created by normal loading conditions and the expansion and contraction inherent in all buildings. This is accomplished through the integral weld plate.

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