Topwerk Group establishes a regional hub in Latin America

Topwerk Group established an office in Colombia, serving as a sales and service hub for Latin America. With the new location, the group intensifies customer proximity and a stronger presence in the Latin American market.​

With Topwerk Latam, located in Bogotá, the Topwerk Group further expands its network to respond to the growing customer base in this market region. The Group’s well-known product houses, such as Hess Group, SR Schindler, Prinzing Pfeiffer, and Hess AAC Systems, will be better enabled to react faster to provide better sales and customer services in this strategic region.

Jorge Yepes takes over the management. He is a civil engineering industry expert with over 15 years of international experience in the USA, Colombia, Chile, and Peru who adds serious business & market development expertise with global exposure. “As Chief Representative and Managing director at Topwerk Latam, I aim to develop and enter new markets in Central and South America. We will strengthen the Topwerk companies’ footprint in a region that has remained mostly unexplored for several years, broadening the reach and capabilities of the companies and brands in the area. I am pleased that I can now contribute my experience to build an optimal sales and service network in the region and strengthen the presence of the Hess Group and the other product houses within the Topwerk Group.”

Robert Gruss, CEO of the Topwerk Group, supports this strategic initiative: “The demand for our offerings in Latam is growing. Colombia provides an excellent infrastructure and, as a transport hub, guarantees excellent connections within the region. Therefore, it is the ideal location to increase our presence in the Central and South American markets and strengthen our proximity to customers. I am happy that we have gained an excellent Head of Topwerk LATAM in Jorge Yepes, who is very familiar with the region, brings in experience as a civil engineer and offers his personal network to our technical equipment sales and business development.


Topwerk Group
Freier-Grund-Straße 123
57299 Burbach-Wahlbach, Germany
T +49 2736 49760

Topwerk Latam S.A.S.
Jorge Yepes
Chief Representative / Managing Director
Carrera 53F N° 5 C-16
Bogotá, D.C., Colombia
M +57 3174317258
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