Elematic Oyj CEO Mats Jungar steps down

Elematic Oyj Board of Directors and CEO Mats Jungar have today agreed that Jungar will step down with immediate effect. Mats Jungar has led the company since 2011.

"I wish to thank Mats Jungar on behalf of myself and the whole Board of Directors and Eremitic for his contribution to the development of the company. Under his leadership, Elematic has established its position as a global leader in supplying precast concrete plants, machinery, and systems. The company and its operations have been developed with a highly professional and systematic approach”, says Chairman of the Board Kai-Petteri Purhonen. The recruitment process for a new CEO has started. Kai-Petteri Purhonen, Chairman of the Board of Directors, will act as interim CEO.


Elematic Oyj P.O.Box 33
37801 Toijala (Akaa), Finland
T +358 3 549 511
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