Belgian formwork manufacturer Construx takes over German circulation plant specialist Weckenmann

On August 30th, 2023, Wolfgang and Hermann Weckenmann agreed with Anthony Jannes and Ward Demyttenaere on the main terms of the 100% takeover of Weckenmann by Construx. The acquisition will be finalized in the coming weeks. With the takeover of the German company Weckenmann, the Belgian company Construx becomes a global reference in formwork, machines and installations for prefabricated concrete elements.

Construx: Shaping the Future of Concrete

As a fast-growing Flemish company, Construx aims to remain at the forefront of the consolidating market of formwork and mould manufacturers, as proven by its baseline “Shaping the Future of Concrete”. Construx has been a worldwide respected partner in this niche market since 2003. Engineering, production, project management, ... everything is done in-house and from one of the 7 branches in Belgium, the Netherlands or Romania. As a technically driven engineering and production company, Construx relies on the competence, inventiveness, experience and, above all, the enthusiasm of its employees, to develop turnkey precast and on-site formwork systems.

With the obtaining of its ISO-9001 certification, a thorough focus on safety and a permanent pursuit of well-being at work, Construx has grown in twenty years into the epitome of a company that considers its employees as its most important asset. In the same period, the product portfolio has been expanded from simple moulds to formwork for infrastructure, high-end in-situ formwork systems and complex precast moulds and machines. What was still missing were circulation plants and machines for the automated production of precast concrete elements.

Weckenmann: Top of Mind circulation plant manufacturer

Since its founding 66 years ago, Weckenmann has worked its way up to 'Top of Mind' as a machine builder for the precast concrete industry through extensive product development. Their proverbial German 'Gründlichkeit' has ensured that the name Weckenmann is synonymous with quality and reliability worldwide. With the brothers Wolfgang and Hermann Weckenmann as the 2nd generation at the helm, a process was started two years ago to prepare the company for the challenges of a rapidly consolidating sector. Various options were considered and ultimately, for strategic reasons, an investor was sought. The priority was to guarantee employment and ensure that the company's mission and values would be maintained into the future. Since these coincided seamlessly with Construx's mission and values, it quickly became clear that an acquisition by Construx would be a win for all parties. And to ensure a smooth transition, Wolfgang Weckenmann will remain on board until mid-2024.

Construx Weckenmann: a reference in Western Europe

Last weekend, at the celebration of 20 years Construx, the announcement of the takeover and the completion of the Construx portfolio was enthusiastically received by 400 customers present. It is seen by many as proof that there are still opportunities in Europe for production companies with international ambitions. The combination of inventiveness, perseverance and a lot of guts has given Construx a leading position in a niche market that was dominated for years by mainly German and Italian companies. With the new 'Construx-Weckenmann' there will be a full focus on product and market development. Growth in the coming years will be achieved by optimally utilizing the assets of both companies, to jointly develop into the reference as a provider of automated production systems and formwork solutions worldwide.


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