ISI is growing strong

To ensure first-class service for its existing customers and facilitate future company growth, ISI continued its expansion and is happy to announce the following Personnel and Organizational changes.

Effective June 15, 2020 Andre Ploetner took over as General Manager of Industrial Services International. Holding a BA Degree in business administration, Andre Ploetner has more than 15 years’ experience of serving the American Concrete Products Industry and a proven track record of building strong, trustful customer relationships.

“Our goal is to be the trusted one-stop shop for the American Concrete Industry. We will continue to provide our existing clientele with long lasting, state-of the art products and services to improve their efficiencies while continually lowering their operation cost. At the same time, we will further increase our footprint in the Americas.”

Contemporaneously with Andre Ploetner’s appointment, additional Service Personnel was hired and ISI relocated its warehouse to a new, enlarged facility in Hagerstown, Maryland. This relocation will enhance the company’s shipping and storage operations and significantly improve its service and reaction time.

Andre Ploetner’s emphasis as General Manager will be to extend the geographical reach of the company’s activities as well as to deepen the market’s awareness of ISI’s unique and wide-ranging product portfolio, which comprises of:

• The Poyatos and Cassani lines of production, handling and after treatment equipment for the dry and wet-cast concrete industry
• Rotho – Advanced solutions for curing systems and curing racks
• Contex – Ultra wear resistant parts and plates for mixers and machinery
• Assyx – Durable and easy to maintain production boards
• Lammers – Alternative source of supply for high quality molds
• R+W – High Precision Quality control systems
• Weber – Quality brushes and board cleaning systems.


Industrial Services International, LLC
P.O. Box 60614
Potomac, MD 20859, USA
T +1 301 6932212
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