BIM design: KP1 and Trimble sign a strategic partnership agreement

KP1 Group, French leader of precast building systems, and Trimble Solutions France, provider of Tekla Structures software and other construction solutions, have signed a strategic partnership agreement.

In order to optimize and rationalize the process of its 39 sites, 21 production plants all over France, KP1 Group has redefined and sped up the use of new BIM (Building Information Modeling) technologies. KP1 investigated model-based solutions that would integrate into KP1’s production strategy in a flexible way. Trimble’s software Tekla Structures and Trimble Connect cover the whole design and detailing process for the beam-column building types but also structures including double walls.

From automation to invoicing

KP1 can now integrate the Trimble BIM solutions into their overall production process; from modeling the design to the fabrication data (CAD/CAM) for automation as well as information for purchasing and invoicing.
Trimble solutions and tools are responsive to the needs of the whole precast concrete industry for the detailing of complete precast systems such as concrete elements and their openings, reinforcement, and embeds like lifting and propping systems. The BIM solution is integrated in fabrication and observes site and plant constraints such as production tables maximum dimensions or crane lift capacity on site.

Understanding the real needs of the industry

“As a software developer for construction, it is a privilege to work in close collaboration with KP1, one of the leading specialists in precast concrete construction in France. This partnership with KP1 allows us to better understand the needs and challenges the industry faces. It is inspiring to be able to understand and clearly see the implications of the new technologies and BIM in the precast concrete industry”, says Jean-Yves Vétil, Manager at Trimble Solutions France.


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