Paul sets the course for the future

Since the unexpected death of Werner Paul in February last year, Barbara Hering has been managing the business of Paul Maschinenfabrik. Now she is receiving support from the next genera-tion. Since the turn of the year, Alexander and Maximilian Paul have been at her side. Both have been with the company for many years and are industry experts with extensive experience and knowledge.

This means that Paul Maschinenfabrik will remain a Swabian family business in the future. All three are united by the goal of doing good and solid business, creating and maintaining secure jobs with a good and productive atmosphere, and developing and offering ma-chines at world market level.

While Barbara Hering manages the business of the prestressed concrete division, the two newcomers are jointly responsible for the circular sawing technology division, with Alexander Paul's focus be-ing on technology and Maximilian Paul's on sales. Under the lead-ership of this strong trio, Paul is looking to the future with confi-dence.


Paul Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG
Max-Paul-Str. 1
88525 Dürmentingen, Germany
T +49 7371 5000
F +49 7371 500111
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