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B.T. innovation GmbH
Sudenburger Wuhne 60
39116 Magdeburg

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B.T. innovation GmbH was established in 1991 in Germany. In the field of precast concrete technology, we offer our customers a wide product spectrum that includes but not limited to magnet technology, complex shuttering systems, joining technology and sealing products.  We also offer our partners such services as consulting, planning and implementation of new plants or optimization of existing precast plants. B.T. innovation GmbH focuses equally on consulting, development, production and supplies for construction companies and manufacturers of prefabricated concrete parts.

Our name reflects our goal:

Innovation is the key to our success.

With our strong practical bias, we can offer the construction industry many application-oriented solutions that ensure simple, reliable and cost-effective construction processes. Our enviable record of certifications, tests, approvals, utility models and patents under the auspices of building regulations speaks for itself.

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