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Patented flap formwork makes battery moulds faster and more flexible
With its new, patented hinged formwork, memorably named “the Butterfly”, B.T. innovation GmbH combines the benefits of horizontal and vertical production of finished concrete parts. This symbiosis speeds up the manufacturing process, whilst making the battery mould more flexible. Large numbers of concrete parts can be manufactured efficiently and p... 

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BIBM Congress 2017 – register now!

The 22nd BIBM Congress takes place in just a few weeks in Madrid, Spain. Precast element manufacturers, politicians, academics and suppliers from all over the world will meet from 17 to 19 May 2017 to discuss current and future developments in the precast industry. Take the opportunity presented by this platform, which is offered only every three ... 



ICCX Asia makes its debut in September 2017 in Shanghai

The demand for affordable, high quality housing in China is rapidly growing. The Chinese government is exploring precast construction elements to satisfy this demand. To that end, ICCX Asia 2017 will bring together government officials, builders, architects, engineers, and specifiers with the world renown experts and suppliers of products to Pre... 



Wet-cast production line installed in Romania:  a versatile & efficient plant

The Star Stone Company was founded by Cristian Pop in 2007. Specializing in the production of wet-cast products (slabs, pavers, concrete reconstituted stone and any kind of landscaping products), Star Stone has been growing exponentially since its beginning. Cristian Pop has recently decided to reach a new level by upgrading the plant. The continui... 



America’s concrete pipe industry is prepared for change

America`s infrastructure owners continue to face challenging times when facing needs to expand and improve existing transportation modes, while maintaining elements of existing systems. Proper inspection, management, and maintenance of aging infrastructure seems to be consuming more resources, time, and money than ever before. The concrete pipe ind... 



High surface quality on all sides thanks to vertical production technology in North America

Florida-based Intrepid Precast Technologies has installed one of the most modern plants in the USA for the manufacture of noise barriers and explosion protection walls using the upcrete® process. Using vertical production technology, large numbers of identical elements are manufactured quickly and efficiently with maximum surface quality on all sid...