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ICCX Central Europe 2017

The preparations for the ICCX Central Europe 2017 are almost complete and the participants can look forward once again to a highly interesting and extensive offering, which the organisers of the ICCX Central Europe have put together. A high-class, two-day conference programme is on the agenda, rounded off by the exhibition to accompany the conferen... 



Concrete durability design in North America, Australia and Europe

Durability problems in reinforced concrete (RC) structures are an issue of global concern, since they threaten economic growth, natural resources and human safety. As a result, attempts have been made in design standards developed in most countries to include requirements to provide durable RC structures. This paper examines and compares such durab... 



Nueva Bims in Turkey puts twin plant for the production of pumice concrete blocks into operation

The Turkish region of Cappadocia is world-famous for its spectacular and fascinating rock formations. However, this region is also wellknown for its pumice stone deposits, which are the result of eruptions of the volcano Erciyes in the neighbouring Kayseri. This rock can be used to manufacture lightweight concrete products that have specific insula... 



Construction of a durable precast concrete pipeline begins in the plant

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation defines a durable pipe as one that will withstand, to a satisfactory degree, the effects of service conditions to which it will be subjected. This definition contains three variables that must be evaluated; the pipe, the satisfactory degree of performance, and service conditions. Before concrete pipe leaves a producti... 



Introduction of a new precast concrete bolted column connection for seismic applications

A totally new concept, seismic-proof bolted column connection of Peikko can lead to substantial savings both in building process and in concrete usage. 


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