Betonsteinwerk Wegmann Betriebs GmbH, 82386 Huglfing, Germany

New mixing technology as a further investment in the future

Betonsteinwerk Wegmann Betriebs GmbH mainly produces concrete manhole systems, consisting of manhole rings, manhole bases and manhole cones, as well as concrete pipes and containers. Other products include angular retaining walls and L-shaped elements. The company also produces special products such as troughs, 2-component manholes with a plastic core and the patented riding arena surrounds. Wegmann supplies the latter product throughout Germany and claims to be the only producer of it. Over the last 10 years, the Betonsteinwerk Wegmann has experienced very strong growth in the supra-regional sector. Since 2015, national sales have grown from 5% to over 50% today, and the trend is still rising. In addition, there are now also enquiries from abroad. Wegmann is facing up to these challenges and plans to increase the concrete plant’s turnover by around 15% over the next few years. However, the required quantities and product qualities would not be possible without the investments made, such as in the Perfect manhole base production from Schlüsselbauer Technology a few years ago and now most recently in the new concrete mixing plant from Kniele. A few years ago, the old concrete mixing plant was still running smoothly in automatic mode. In the end, this was no longer possible due to technical problems and age.


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The plant manufacturer and system developer Schlüsselbauer Technology has been a reliable partner of the international precast concrete industry for more than 50 years. As one of the leading companies in this area Schlüsselbauer delivers integrated systems for the strategic drinking water supply as well as for rain water drainage and sewage disposal to its global customers.

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