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Increase in quality through CO2 in curing chambers – vision or trend?

As previously described in the last issue of the CPI, Kraft Curing Systems GmbH has been working for over 30 years with curing systems that make it possible to feed CO2 into the chambers and into the concrete. Some plants in Germany have been working with such a chamber for years, and this technology is now gaining in importance again. Depending on the quantity and curing time, this not only has a positive effect on the product, but also offers the possibility to store CO2 in considerable quantities in the long term. However, since the Lindern-based company Kraft Curing Systems has so far only been able to rely on customer feedback and had little tangible information itself, it has decided to carry out a first field trial and has dealt more intensively with the topic.


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Since 1990 Kraft has pioneered modern concrete curing - the process of controlling and optimizing the rate of cement hydration of manufactured concrete products. Kraft Curing Systems is located in Lindern Germany and Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania USA. We design, manufacture, install and service custom manufactured equipment for the measurement, recording, control and acceleration of the concrete curing process.

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