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Company Gerhard Warning Wear Protection Technology and Industrial Products GmbH is a worldwide leading manufacturer of wear protection technology for numerous industries, such as the cement-, steel-, concrete-, dry mortar-, refractory-, non-metallic mineral processing- or energy industry.

Our highly wear resistant Tungsten Carbide protected machinery components subjected to high wear and tear, such as mixing elements, extruder augers, pump shafts, grinding rollers have operational times that are several times longer than standard material and at the same time require less cleaning and maintenance, thus saving costs and time in the daily working process.

Our highly wear resistant Tungsten Carbide protected machinery components in combination with our first class sandwich type steel Alphachrome 7000plus/8000snake used for mixer liners, flights of extruder augers, inner lining of small and large pipes, grinding rollers, etc. completes off our service for all applications in the mixing and grinding industry.

Besides we supply high-performance planetary countercurrent mixers with a capacity ranging from 500 litres to 4.500 litres for the building material industry.

Our repair- and maintenace service rounds off our range of offer as a professional partner in the heavy industries.