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Digital Microwave Moisture MeasurementL Reduce Costs, Save Energy

Hydronix is the original and world's leading manufacturer of digital microwave moisture sensors with over 65,000 sensors installed worldwide.  Specifically designed for the concrete, aggregate and asphalt industries Hydronix have a range of sensors that can easily be installed in or underneath aggregate bins, chutes and conveyors and in most types of mixer.  Integration into a new or existing system is simple and all Hydronix sensors can be easily calibrated, configured and controlled remotely over a network connection using USB, Ethernet, RS232/RS485 connections. Hydronix was the first company to develop the digital microwave moisture measurement technique for concrete and our team of experts have continued to develop our products to provide equipment that is not only designed to have a long life under use in the harshest environments such as the concrete industry but that also returns a quick return on investment.

Hydro-Probe: Moisture Sensor for Aggregate Bins and Conveyors