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i-Theses is specialist in calculating- and design software for Building, Infrastructure, Geospatial and Mechanical. As an Autodesk Gold Partner, i-Theses guarantees you the best service at the best price. To realize these objectives we have a team of 20 employees at your service. Each component of the BIM (Building Information Model) process is supported with appropriate software. We have the resources to accompany implementations throughout several fields on site. From basic training up to support and outsourcing. I-Theses is ISO-certified for the processes here above.

Supported by the Autodesk Developer Network, our research & development department offers the possibility to develop products for your specific wishes. Databases, web-applications, CAD developments and of course the integration of all these technologies: i-Theses has built an enormous experience in developing on-demand or standard solutions for precast industries, environment, topography, ...

AutoFloor, an AutoCAD-based application, enables you to draw your layout plans for prefab floors