Kobra Formen GmbH


Kobra Formen GmbH
Plohnbachstraße 1
08485 Lengenfeld/Sachsen

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Since 1991, we have produced high-grade steel molds »made in Germany« for the concrete block industry worldwide at our location in Lengenfeld.

Continuous reinvestments, dynamic innovations, and customer-oriented product development are the key factors for the steady growth of our company. We are a manufacturer of customized molds and offer a tremendous variety of products for individual concrete blocks. 86 patents in 140 countries are proof of the milestones in the development of completely reproducible concrete block molds.

Our best-practice molds excel in innovative technology, dimensionally accurate milling and first-grade quality. We have the worldwide highest standard hardness quality for concrete block molds which gives our products a particularly long service life.

Since it was founded in 1991, the company has grown from a single-member company to a global group with 320 employees. More than two thirds of the KOBRA Groups’ turnover is generated from export business.