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LEIMRO Sp. z o. o.
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Leimro is a manufacturer of modern equipment to optimize concrete production processes. The company consists of Finnish and Polish specialists that have many years of experience in designing and producing container heating systems.

Our main products are highly efficient and environmentally friendly heating and cooling systems designed for ready-mix concrete factories and precast plants:

Heating Containers

Leimro heating solutions facilitate the simultaneous production of warm concrete and the heating of moulds, production halls and office buildings under all weather conditions. The main feature and advantage of our equipment is the unparalleled energy efficiency with low fuel consumption. Thanks to that, maintenance costs are much lower than in traditional devices. 

Other products include containerized tanks for water and chemical additives as well as heat distribution systems.

As of September 2020, Leimro Sp. z o.o. has also become an authorized partner of the Finnish company Elematic Oyj.

"We do not only want to meet customers' expectations, we want to exceed them"

Maksymilian Mrozowski