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WHAt is mecmetal?

Since the summer of 1996, when Mecmetal was established, our headquarter and production facility has been based in Joensuu, northern Finland. Here colorful norther lights fill the cold winter sky, and the people swim in lakes throughout the year. Maybe it is our harsh climate, 100 degree saunas or our history that has shaped us to be technology driven people. We want our inventions and products to be the highest quality and we take pride of our craftsmanship. Our founders, owners and everyone of our staff from CEO to welders and machinists shares the same “Finnish mentality”. This inherited mindset is one of our driving forces and the reasons why our machines are well known among our customers for the production of high-quality concrete products, like blocks and pavement stones and more special products like chimneys and insulated blocks.

No more hydraulic

Mecmetal swapped all hydraulic operations to electromechanical in 1996 creating something that had never done before, fully electromechanical block machine. This world leading innovation was called MEC Elektro. It had all the same production abilities than hydraulic ones, but main differences were, that it was more accurate in production due intelligence given by electrical operations and software. Same time saving owners a hefty bill on electricity given it's world class energy efficiency in production.

In 2020, Evolving from frequency converter to smart and powerful servo as our main engine in our new generation block machine. We created the world most energy efficient concrete block machine as The Study made by SEW-EURODRIVE shows. We also have seen many upgrades starting from cycle time and accuracy to product quality and better ROI. Being the most measurable, accurate and variously used motors, servo motors also create the most accurate and versatile concrete block making machine to this day, allowing manufacturers to produce wide variety of products and still having possibility to new product innovations with the same machine.

Finnish hospitality and innovation

Our eager and continuous R&D is making sure our machines and services are up to date with concrete industry goals and vision, this creating a head start opportunity to our customers. And as we take customer satisfaction very seriously, we always ensure our machines will fit customers needs from planning table to full production, combined with life-cycle services.

Our whole staff from warehouse to CEO is available to our customers which has always been cornerstone of our business, and it is our great honor to serve our customers personally with customer specific solutions. From spare-parts and molds to new production lines

MEC concrete block production line - fully automatic