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NORDIMPIANTI has almost 50 years of experience as one of the world´s leading supplier of machinery and equipment for the manufacture of prestressed concrete elements.

We have a highly professional skilled and motivated team of people able to design and manufacture high-end technology equipment and machinery with the best tailor-made technologies for prestressed concrete elements based on customers’ needs.

Nordimpianti’s casting machines, Extruder, Slipformer and Wet Casting, can produce a wide range of products such as Hollow core slabs, Vineyard posts, Lintels, T beams, Slabs with lattice ribs, Inverted double T beams and slabs, Double ribbed slabs, U panels, up to a height of 1 meter, used for the most demanding construction applications.

We are the only company that can supply a range of Extruder machines for Hollow core slabs in widths of 600 mm, 1200 mm, 1250 mm, 1500 mm and 2400 mm.

Nordimpianti has a strong product portfolio offering all the ancillary equipment that might be required, such as casting beds, saws, concrete aspirators, stressing and lifting equipment and much more.

We have a dedicated after sales service department available to support all our customers, all over the world. 

NORDIMPIANTI helps you put your concrete ideas into profitable practice.

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