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OMAG Service GmbH
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OMAG Service GmbH

OMAG was established in Emden in 1948 and since then has stood for quality and precision in mechanical engineering. Value for money still is our priority.

The OMAG Tronic family of block machines has always offered their owners longevity and extremely high reliability. Today, manufacturer`s profitability in the concrete industry depends increasingly on production performance.

The constant demand for improvements to productivity and the quality of concrete block products require the equipment to be very flexible. It is vital to be able to operate in small production runs with rapid tool changes to produce the customer`s orders on time, profitably and keep stock levels in balance.

OMAG machines can produce the quality products you need to supply the right products at the right time to your customer.

Efficiency plays a major part in the future development of our machines and plants. One of our lates development of our machines and plants. One of our latest developments is the new OMAG E-volution III vibration technology. This technology combines lower energy consumption with an increase in productivity.