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Factory Planning

We are world market leader for the industrial production of precast concrete elements/buildings.

Our experience makes it possible to bring existing plants up to the state of the art - automation, increased efficiency, optimization of all processes, introduction of new products, etc. or - to plan new factories for the production of precast concrete elements for residential and industrial buildings and to coordinate the execution.

Our main services at a glance:

  • Strategic company development
  • Development of the basics
  • Master planning of precast production (machinery and equipment, production buildings, storage and transport logistics etc.)
  • Production optimization (efficiency, cost reduction etc.)
  • Logistics optimization
  • Start-up /acceptance

With this building technology, all building types can be completed up to 5 times faster (compared to traditional construction systems such as in-situ concrete or bricks) without any architectural limitations.

A significantly higher number of buildings can thus be completed to the highest quality with minimum manpower (both in the factory and on the construction site).