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Since its establishment in 1977, Splice Sleeve Japan, the pioneers of the grout-filled rebar coupler, have developed and released the NMB Splice Sleeve System.

The NMB Splice Sleeve which is ideal for the precast concrete construction industry, has excellent seismic resistance and fatigue performance, and does not require any special technician personnel with special certifications to make the connection.

After start selling the first grout-filled rebar splices, several strong earthquakes happened, e.g. the Great Guam Earthquake (1993), the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake (1995) and the Great East Japan Earthquake(2011). 

Splice Sleeve Japan conducted a survey of precast structures under/after construction using our splices and confirmed that there were no structural damages at all.

Splice Sleeve Japan are proud of the great contribution they have made to the development of the precast concrete construction method in Japan, an earthquake-prone country.

NMB Splice Sleeve System