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~~PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA: Voeller Mixers, Inc. has over forty years of experience in the manufactured concrete industry.  Both the Voeller Cyclo-Mixer and the Voeller Planetary Mixer are available in capacities from ½ cubic yard to 6 cubic yards.  Both mixers are designed and constructed to deliver the type of mixing action that means consistent quality in your end product day after day. 

The Voeller tradition of meeting our customer’s needs has led us to offer the V-Batch line of batching equipment.  The V-Batch is available in an accumulative weighing design, a “weigh belt or batcher”, or a decumulative style where the loss of material is weighed at the storage hoppers.  This flexibility of design benefits our customers as each plant is tailor-made to fit the special needs of each concrete production facility. 

The many features of the Planetary Mixer, Cyclo-Mixer and V-Batch system are all designed to increase productivity and reduce the costs of operation.  Our customers rely on our mixing and batching systems to provide consistency of mix efficiently and reliably; allowing the concrete producer to compete in today’s demanding economy.

VOELLER, a capability proven the world over.

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